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How Does the Handrail in the Shower Room Work?

How Does the Handrail in the Shower Room Work?

Issue Time:2022/06/20
Now many owners will have the installation of shower room handrails in their homes, whether it is horizontal or oblique installation, it is out of usage habits and family safety considerations. So what are the function of the horizontal installation and the inclined installation of the handrail in the shower room? How should it be installed? Let's take a look at the relevant content, hoping to provide some help for your home decoration.

What is the effect of the horizontal and oblique installation of handrails in the shower room?

1. Families with elderly and children can avoid falling in the bathroom. It is necessary to add safety handrails in the bathroom. It is necessary to install safety handrails on the side of the toilet, squat toilet, shower room, and bathtub. If an accident occurs, you can pull the handrail to help the owner. Stand up straight, and you can also have a tension member to avoid falling.

2. Reduce the possibility of bathroom and household hazards, and safety performance is also greatly guaranteed. Especially if there are elderly people and children at home, it is very necessary to install safety handrails. You don’t know when you will fall in the bathroom. Installing these borrowing tools can reduce the possibility of danger as much as possible. There are great conveniences.

3. One thing can be used for two purposes. It has both the function of hanging things and the function of handrails. The owner should pay attention to the hardness of the material when purchasing, and pay attention to the safety of the handrails to be firm and thick. Do not deform before pulling it a few times, such a safety armrest will not protect it. In addition, the safety armrest can also be used as a towel to hang. It can be used to hang towels and light clothes. It kills two birds with one stone and is very practical.

Shower room handrail installation method

1. No matter what the part is, the base must be done first. Use a wooden fence, that is, a keel like a solid wood floor. First, the foundation is leveled, and the step height is adjusted to the same.

2. Lay solid wood tread panels and vertical panels on top of the ground keel.

3. The next step is to install the solid wood column, first drill holes on the pedals, install screws with silk teeth on both ends, or screws, screw one end on the pedals, leave a few centimeters above, install the columns, and drill holes in the middle of the bottom of the solid wood column. , install the inner female, and then screw it on the screw.

4. Measure the height and oblique angle of the handrail, fix the handrail, cut the angle of each column, and install the column. After the slope of the handrail is determined, the upper slope of the column is also determined, and it is fixed from the side with screws.

It is hoped that the above content about the horizontal installation and oblique installation of shower room handrails and the installation method of shower room handrails can bring substantial help to your decoration. If you want to know more or want to buy shower rails, please contact us.

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