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List of Suggested Party Supplies

List of Suggested Party Supplies

Issue Time:2022/08/01
Planning a party is never easy. To simplify your party planning process, SUNBEAUTY's party experts have developed the following checklist for your reference when choosing party supplies. No two parties are created equal, so your celebration may not require all of the items listed below. This is just a list of suggested party supplies to help guide you through the process and make party planning easy. When it comes to party planning, creating a supply list is the perfect place to start. Check out our master checklist to create your own list of party supplies for your birthday party or other special celebration. 

Supply list

1. Invitation letter

Invitations are an important part of the party planning process. Be sure to send your party invitations in advance so your party guests can save the date. Your invitation should include the date, time, location, and response to the meetup. Feel free to include any other special information your guests need to know, such as whether your celebration is a sleepover or a surprise. Be sure to also include a reply date so you can accommodate all party guests. 

2. Thank you note

There is nothing more special than bringing friends and family together to celebrate VIP. After the party, don't forget to thank your guests with a special note. Personalizing a thank you card for each guest is just one small way to show your sincere gratitude for their participation in your special event. 

3. Party supplies

Before your guests arrive, organize your supplies. No matter what you're serving at your festivities, you'll need some party supplies to accommodate your guests. Once your RSVP date has passed and you know the final number of people for the celebration, you can purchase all the plates, cups, and cutlery you need related to your holiday theme. Always make sure to have extras for any unexpected guests or mishaps that may occur on the day of the party. Some examples of cutlery and party utensils that you will need for your party are:

Drinks and lunch/dinner napkins

Cakes and dinner plates


Disposable knives (spoon, fork, knife)


4. Decoration

Whether your guests are celebrating indoors, at home or at a party, or outside, in the backyard or in the park, decorations are an important part. Adding decorations to your party area will help transform it while communicating the party theme. Here are some decorations you can compile to create a great party experience for your VIPs and their guests. 





Party blower

Party hats


Wall decoration/cutout

Honeycomb decoration

5. Gift bag

When it comes to party favors, the possibilities are endless. They are another way to say thank you to your guests. Your gift bag should contain special items that will remind your guests of all the fun they had at the celebration. These gift bag items can be an extension of a party theme, or fun and useful items they can use in your everyday life. On average, a gift bag should contain 3 to 5 items. 

6. Food

Menus are an important part of any party. Not every party needs or requires a sit-down meal to cheer your guests on, but communicating with your invitees is critical, especially if the party is scheduled for lunch or dinner. It's never too early to brainstorm your party menu. Then, once you've settled on the final number of people, you can determine what everyone needs to be catered for on the day of the party. Also, keep in mind that some of your guests may have dietary restrictions. Enjoying a wide variety of food, snacks, and beverages is a great way to keep your guests well fed. Plan your menu to include any combination of:



Full meals (i.e. pizza, hot dogs, etc.)

Ice cream

Snacks (i.e. chips, pretzels, etc.)

7. Miscellaneous

Party planning can be stressful. Because of this stress, it's easy to forget important party supplies. That's why we took the time to list other essentials you might need on party day. Having these items on hand will help make your day as smooth as possible. 

Batteries (for cameras or any gifts that might need them)

Candles and matches or lighters

The cake pan and knife

Additional table and chairs

Ice bucket


Photography props

Be aware that latex balloons can be a choking hazard to young children. Mylar balloons are a safe alternative and won't shatter into potentially dangerous pieces if punctured.

The above is a brief list of some items needed to hold a party. If you want to buy party decorations or party tissues, tableware, etc., please contact us.

SUNBEAUTY is a professional custom party decorations manufacturer. Our mission at SUNBEAUTY Kids has always been clear: to provide children with a fun and interesting childhood. We provide the highest quality, comfortable, safe, and stylish services, allowing families to easily create a healthy and happy growth space for their children. Imagine a place where you can shop for all the essentials for celebration, entertainment, creativity, and education.
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