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How to Buy Balloons for Your Party?

How to Buy Balloons for Your Party?

Issue Time:2022/08/10
Is there a party coming? Can't decide if you need to choose between latex balloons or foil balloons? Both foil balloons and latex balloons have advantages and disadvantages. Before buying a balloon, you should know what you are looking for.

Here we've put together a quick guide to latex balloon and foil balloon products. So, before your party, birthday, wedding, or another event, welcome refer to this guide!

Advantages of latex balloons

The latex in latex balloons is a versatile material. You can stretch and tie them to make different shapes, even balloon animals. The latex balloon material is also biodegradable and therefore very environmentally friendly.

Latex balloons are also a great option for those on a tight budget. Their lightweight nature also makes them an interesting combination with helium. So, be sure to consider latex when shopping for balloons.

Disadvantages of latex balloons

Despite their versatility and affordability, latex balloons have several disadvantages. For example, latex is a permeable material, so balloons filled with helium will eventually deflate. However, you can also use a special gel inside a latex balloon to prevent this from happening.

Because of their permeability, you can only inflate latex balloons on the day of the event. Thanks to this, you usually need to display latex balloons in a hurry on the day. Still, purchasing a balloon made of latex should always be an important consideration.

Unlike latex, foil balloons don't deflate as quickly. So you can buy foil balloons that are pre-inflated and ready to ship. This makes them a great choice for sending someone a gift or message. This durability is due to the materials they are made of. Typically, it will be a mylar material covered with foil, making it nearly impermeable.

In fact, you can create a foil balloon display a few days before the event. Foil balloons are also great for the variety of shapes available. When shopping for balloons for extra special events, be sure to consider foil!

Disadvantages of foil balloons

Foil balloons consist of Mylar material. Mylar is synthetic and not considered biodegradable. Due to their material, foil balloons can also present an electrical hazard. Therefore, be sure to keep them away from appliances and sockets.

Foil balloons, while available in many shapes, cannot be "reshaped". Foil balloons are also more expensive than latex balloons. So this might be an issue depending on your budget. Be sure to consider these factors when shopping for balloons for your next event.

The above introduces the advantages and disadvantages of aluminum foil balloons and latex balloons. If you want to buy balloons for your party, please contact us.

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