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Paper Stars Wholesale

Paper Stars Wholesale

Our selection of paper star decorations are unbeatable! The variety, value and style you get here is second to none. We offer paper star decorations wholesale for different festivals and birthdays, you can find all the paper star decorations you want from SUNBEAUTY.

We're constantly adding new products to our assortments so continue through our site to check back for more party decorations at our lowest prices guaranteed!

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Paper Star Lanterns | SUNBEAUTY Party Decorations Supplier
SUNBEAUTY is known for our quality products and we can produce paper stars in different sizes and designs.We produce hundreds of thousands of stars every year for stores in European and American countries. SUNBEAUTY has cooperated with IKEA and RUSTA for many years and is one of their suppliers. We have been partners for many years.
Christmas paper star lanterns, we know very well that, they are probably one of the most popular Christmas decorations. At SUNBEAUTY , you can order them in bulk. As an online B2B store, we are sure that - like many of our customers - you will be satisfied with the assortment of our online warehouse. 
Mainly because we offer really competitive prices. Our paper and tissue paper star lanterns have eye-catching quality and design. 
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DIY Paper Star Ornament | How to Make Paper Star for Home Decor/ Christmas
Your star will arrive flat packed.
You simply open the star up one point at a time and tie the two cords together to form a perfect star
Certain paper stars designs have "tip protectors". 
These are made by hand from paper offcuts.The cardboard comes from an FSC approved and sustainable source. Our cardboard is 100% recyclable.
Brighten Up Your Party Supplies With Our Hanging Paper Star Lanterns!
If you're looking for unique, exclusive finds you can't find anywhere else, we've got those. The best part? No matter your celebration we've got delightful party star lights ready to brighten up your event! Maybe you're throwing a holiday party? We've got fun and festive party lights for Halloween, Christmas and more. What's great about adding party star lights or light up paper star lanterns to your party supplies is that you can use them again and again!
Star lanterns are used year round, but during the Christmas holidays, event planners and decorators will use these lights as decoration for wedding receptions, festivals, parties, in shopping centers and elsewhere.
We offer Paper Star Lanterns in a wide range of designs, sizes, and colors. 
You can choose from various paper star decor options, such as snowflake paper star lanterns, cutout paper stars, laser paper stars or paper stars with different angles. We offer them in a standard diameter of 10”, 12”, 18”, 24”, in a wide range of colors. If you have special design customization requirements, we'd like to hear what do your specific needs, please contact us and we will provide you with personalized customization services.
What are the advantages of decorative paper stars?
These handmade and environmentally-friendly paper star lanterns never fail to inspire awe in anyone who sees them up close. Their beauty comes partially from the simple handmade materials, and partially from their delicate and intricate design.
The models of the star lanterns we offer will surely captivate with their original colors and interesting shapes. You can also easily match them with the rest of the decor and decorations. We have no doubts that they will fit perfectly into the rest of the arrangement. If we like original accents and compositions, paper star lanterns will surely turn out to be a bull's eye. The more so because with their help you can easily create an atmosphere of coziness and warmth. Among other things, for these reasons, they are also increasingly chosen instead of lampshades for room lamps.
The fact that they come in a variety of shapes, sizes and colors allows them to be optimally matched. In addition, they can be used both indoors and outdoors. And which is also important - they are relatively inexpensive. Compared to decorative lamps or other occasional lighting systems, they are really very favorable. In return, we get an effect that will give every circumstance an atmosphere of family warmth combined with magic. Here, light, shade, colors and forms will create an atmosphere that guests will not quickly forget.
Christmas Paper Stars Customization FAQs
1. How do you guarantee your quality of paper star lanterns?
We have in-house and third-party quality inspectors working on our team. These inspectors go to factories and pull random samples of products to make sure they are up to standard. They check packaging, labeling, physical requirements, and anything else relevant to quality.
2. Do paper star lanterns come with lights?
No, paper lantern purchases do not include lighting. We offer many different ways to light your lantern, and you can purchase the lights (Power Cord, LED Lights) from us.
3. Are your lanterns biodegradable?
Yes, our environmentally-friendly paper star lanterns are 100% biodegradable.
4. Can you tell me how to install my star please?
They come flat. You simply open them up one point at a time and tie the two cords together to form a perfect star.
5. How do I take care of my star?
Every star is a one-off creation entirely handmade from natural materials - take care when you open it, carefully following the instructions enclosed.
Your star can be folded flat and safely stored in its protective wrapper. Treat it gently and it will shine for many years !
If it gets dusty, wipe with a clean, dry cloth.
6. How strong are the lanterns?
The structural design of the lanterns is very clever. Don't be put off by the fact they are made from paper. They are thick and sturdy, and the weighted paper is perfectly cut, pasted, and constructed, so that when assembled the lantern is very strong. 
7. How long do they last?
For many years if you don't treat them mean! We have customers who have had their lanterns in daily use for years. They may get a bit dusty over time, but can be cleaned using a dry cloth. Some colors may fade a bit in direct sunlight over many years due to the use of natural pigments. However, hung indoors and according to the instructions, they really will last for years.
Please note that your lantern isn't suitable for wet weather conditions or for bathrooms as the steam will spoil the paper.
8. How big are the stars?
In this store you will find stars of different sizes and geometries, ranging from 25 cm diameter to 60 cm diameter.
We also supply larger stars for decorative installations. Contact us for more info. 
9. Are they safe?
Yes, each star light comes with full assembly instructions. Just make sure that the wattage of your light bulb does not exceed 40 watts - we recommend LED lamps between 1.5 – 5.5 watts. As they are paper stars, your star light should not be used with a candle and should be kept away from naked flames.
10. How are they made?
Each star light is handmade with great pride using good quality weight paper, with a superior finish. The production process is traditional and non-mechanized; each section of the star is printed using traditional methods, the perforations in the design hand punched, the tissue paper cut and fixed in place by hand and the star assembled using geometric skill and accuracy. Each star is then carefully checked before being packaged. 
Due to this non-mechanized process, there may be tiny inconsistencies in shade and design, which should not be viewed as flaws, rather as evidence that they are hand-made by real people not machines!
11. Can I use them all year round?
A Star Lantern doesn't just have to be for Christmas! They can be used all year round as a lampshade or for parties.
They also make cool camping lanterns and stunning wedding lights.
However, if you want to use your star light as one of those special Christmas decorations that come out every year, your star will fold perfectly flat for storage and can be used again and again, year after year.
12. How bright are they?
That depends on the design. As a rule, the lighter the colour of the paper, the brighter the light, e.g. white and ivory would give out more light than, say red or violet. Then you need to consider whether you select a design with tissue inserts or punched-out perforations. The perforations create a bright twinkly effect, and would give out more light than the tissue inserts.
13. Is your packaging sustainable?
Certain paper stars designs have "tip protectors". These are made by hand from paper off-cuts. The cardboard comes from an FSC approved and sustainable source. Our cardboard is 100% recyclable.
14. How long does delivery take?
We begin to process your order as soon as we receive it; your order is usually ready for dispatch within 3-20 working days subject to stock availability.
Please note that delivery times may take longer during busy periods.
The peak purchasing season of paper star lanterns is from January to May. In order to provide you timely product delivery and quality assurance, we recommend you to purchase before the peak season purchases.
15. How do SUNBEAUTY compare with other star shaped lanterns on the market?
Many people have known and seen SUNBEAUTY paper stars, or star lanterns or paper decorations for years. Our paper star decorations are made to an exceptionally high quality. 
16. Do you give promotional discounts and if so, when?
Yes, to find out when we have sales or discounts, you can follow us on our BLOG, Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn or on Twitter. You can also sign up for our newsletter emails that feature different deals and discounts every week.
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