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20 Years of Crafting Memorable Celebrations

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Elevate Your Events with Our Decorative Essentials

Wholesale Paper Party Decortaions

Experience Our Key 6 Party Categories: Party Banners, Paper Fans, Honeycombs, Stars, Lanterns, and Flower Pom-Poms. Elevate your gatherings with personalized party decorations and give your party decortion business a remarkable boost.

Wholesale Upcoming Holidays

Seasonal Party Supplies

At Sunbeauty we have the right decoration for every occasion and every theme party.

Occasions To Celebrate All Year Round​

We specialize in providing a wide range of high-quality and vibrant products for all occasions. Whether you are a retailer, wholesaler, Amazon retailer, online store, offline store, distributor, or trader, we have the perfect selection to meet your customers’ needs and exceed their expectations.


Holidays & Occasions - Your One-Stop Party Supplies Provider

In the realm of party supplies manufacturing, we cater extensively to a wide spectrum of business clients. Our esteemed customer base includes retailers, wholesalers, Amazon vendors, online e-commerce platforms, traditional brick-and-mortar establishments, distributors, and traders.

Whether your requirements pertain to seasonal festivities, exclusive corporate events, or other celebratory occasions, we are primed to fulfill your demands. Our diverse product line encompasses an impressive range of themed party decorations, tasteful gifts, innovative balloons, high-quality paper goods, sophisticated tableware, and a myriad of other compelling items.

Choose us as your trusted party supplies provider, and let us add the perfect touch to every holiday and occasion.
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