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Frequently Asked Questions
Frequently Asked Questions

We have been in the party supplies manufacturing industry for over 20 years, providing high-quality products to our customers.

Our main product range includes paper decorations such as paper fan decorations, paper honeycomb decorations, paper pompoms, party banners, centerpieces, party swirls, and more.


Yes, we prioritize sustainability and environmental responsibility. Our party supplies are made from eco-friendly materials, including recycled paper and biodegradable components.

We strive for customer satisfaction. If there are any issues with your order, such as damaged or defective items, please contact our customer service within 7 days of receiving the products. We will assist you in resolving the problem promptly.

Sunbeauty is a leading manufacturer of paper decorations, party supplies, and other paper products. Some advantages of this company include: wide range of products, high-quality products, customization options, competitive pricing and excellent customer service.

Why Work with us?

Sunbeauty provides a premium array of party supplies, creating memorable events and advancing your party decoration business.

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