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Sunbeauty is known for our quality products and we can produce paper stars in different sizes and designs. We produce hundreds of thousands of stars every year for stores in European and American countries. Sunbeauty has cooperated with IKEA and RUSTA for many years and is one of their suppliers. We have been partners for many years.


Christmas Party Paper Stars in Party Supplies

Top Paper Stars Trends

No matter your celebration we’ve got delightful party star lights ready to brighten up your event! What’s great about adding party star lights or light up paper star lanterns to your party supplies is that you can use them again and again!

Star lanterns are used year round, but during the Christmas holidays, event planners and decorators will use these lights as decoration for wedding receptions, festivals, parties, in shopping centers and elsewhere.

You can choose from various paper star decor options, such as snowflake paper star lanterns, cutout paper stars, laser paper stars or paper stars with different angles. We offer them in a standard diameter of 10”, 12”, 18”, 24”, in a wide range of colors. If you have special design customization requirements, we’d like to hear what do your specific needs, please contact us and we will provide you with personalized customization services.

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