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Party Games & Gifts

Dive into the world of fun and excitement with Sunbeauty’s exceptional range of party game decorations and gifts.  With Sunbeauty, every celebration becomes a thrilling adventure – where games and gifts unite to create lasting memories. 


Browse our selection of quality party supplies for any occasion. Available in different sizes and a full range of colors.

Gift Wrapping Supplies Wholesale

Empower your party business with our premium wholesale gift-wrapping supplies. Our collection includes exquisite wrapping papers, elegant ribbons, charming tags etc., allowing you to offer clients a memorable unboxing experience that exudes sophistication and care. Elevate your offerings and forge lasting impressions with every package.

Costume Party Supplies Wholesale

Catapult your costume party enterprise with our high-quality wholesale costume party supplies. From themed costumes to vibrant accessories and captivating decorations, our collection empowers you to deliver immersive and unforgettable party experiences. Set yourself apart in the industry, enrich your product line, and craft enduring memories for every event.

Party Games & Gifts

Take your party games and gifts business to the next level with our exceptional wholesale collection. Dive into a world of captivating game sets and delightful gift options that promise unforgettable moments. Level up your little one’s party with this fun computer game theme! The cool decor and tableware feature pinatas, puzzles, and prop money from classic games.


  • Unique Decor Elements: Incorporating game-related items as decorations can add a unique and memorable touch to the overall ambiance
  • Conversation Starters: Games can serve as conversation starters among guests who might not know each other well, helping to break the ice and foster connections.
  • Enhance the Theme: If your party has a specific theme, using games products that match the theme can enhance the overall coherence and aesthetics of the decorations.
  • Inclusive Atmosphere: Certain game toys can accommodate a wide range of ages and skill levels, ensuring that all guests can participate and have fun.
  • Memorable Moments: Interactive games create memorable moments that guests are likely to associate with the event as a whole.
  • Interactive Photo Ops: Party game supplies can create interesting and dynamic photo opportunities, encouraging guests to capture and share their experiences.
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