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22 Barbie Theme Party Ideas for Your Trendy and Pink Barbiecore Bash

Are you ready to host the ultimate Barbie-themed party? Get ready to immerse yourself in all things pink, trendy, and fabulous with these 22 Barbie theme party ideas. From decorations to activities and everything in between, your Barbiecore bash will be the talk of the town!

1.Barbie Invitations

Set the tone for your glamorous event with customized Barbie invitations. Incorporate elements like the iconic Barbie logo, pink glitter, and stylish fonts to grab your guests’ attention.

2.Barbie Dress Code

Encourage your guests to dress to impress in their most fashionable attire. From chic dresses to elegant suits, everyone should channel their inner Barbie or Ken.

3.Pink Decorations Galore

Transform your venue into a pink paradise by using pink balloons, streamers, and fairy lights. Consider adding touches of silver or gold for an extra touch of glam.

4.Barbie Pop-Up Photobooth

Set up a pink backdrop with props like Barbie sunglasses, feather boas, and oversized handbags. Allow guests to take fun and stylish photos throughout the evening.

5.Barbie Movie Marathon

Create a cozy movie corner where guests can indulge in a Barbie movie marathon. Display a collection of classic Barbie movies and provide comfy seating options.

6.DIY Barbie T-Shirts

Set up a T-shirt decorating station where guests can create their own Barbie-themed shirts. Provide fabric paints, stencils, and glitter to spark their creativity.

7.Glamorous Makeup Station

Hire a professional makeup artist to give guests Barbie-inspired makeovers. Think bold pink lips, sparkling eyes, and flawless complexions.

8.Barbie Fashion Show

Organize a mini fashion show where guests can strut their stuff. Set up a runway and select judges to award prizes for categories like “”Most Stylish”” or “”Most Creative Outfit.””

9.Barbie Themed Cocktails

Create signature Barbie-themed cocktails, such as the “”Barbie Blush”” or the “”Pink Glamour Martini.”” Serve them in stylish stemware with pink sugar rims.

10.Barbie Bingo

Put a Barbie twist on the classic game of bingo. Create custom Bingo cards featuring Barbie characters, accessories, and iconic phrases.

11.Barbie Doll Cake

Order a show-stopping Barbie doll cake as the centerpiece of your dessert table. Decorate it with edible glitter and pearls for an extra touch of elegance.

12.Pink Candy Buffet

Set up a candy buffet featuring an array of pink candies and sweet treats. Include cotton candy, pink chocolate-covered strawberries, and marshmallow pops.

13.Barbie Pinata

Surprise your guests with a Barbie-themed pinata filled with small toys, candies, and mini fashion accessories.

14.Barbie Mocktail Bar

Offer non-alcoholic drink options for younger guests or those who prefer not to drink. Create a Barbie mocktail bar with a variety of fruity and colorful drinks.

15.Fashion Sketch Contest

Provide sketch pads and art supplies for guests to create their own Barbie fashion sketches. Award prizes for the most creative designs.

16.Runway Dance Party

Clear the space and turn the dance floor into a Barbie-inspired runway. Play upbeat music and encourage guests to dance like their favorite Barbie characters.

17.Barbie Puzzle Challenge

Challenge your guests’ puzzle-solving skills with Barbie-themed puzzles. Set a timer and award prizes to the fastest solvers.

18.Barbie Cupcake Decorating

Provide plain cupcakes, frosting, and an assortment of decorations. Let guests unleash their creativity by decorating their own Barbie-inspired cupcakes.

19.Barbie-themed Trivia

Test your guests’ knowledge of all things Barbie with a fun trivia game. Create questions about Barbie’s history, movies, and iconic accessories.

20.Barbie Photo Booth Props

Print and cut out Barbie-themed photo booth props like tiaras, sunglasses, and lips. Guests can use them to strike fun poses during the event.

21.Barbie-inspired Nail Bar

Hire a manicurist to create stylish Barbie-inspired nail designs for your guests. Offer a variety of pink shades and glitter accents.

22.Fabulous Barbie Party Favors

Send your guests home with fabulous Barbie party favors like mini dolls, lip gloss, or personalized accessories that capture the essence of the party.

With these 22 Barbie theme party ideas, you’ll create an unforgettable Barbiecore bash that will transport your guests into a world of glamour and style. Get ready to embrace all things pink, trendy, and fabulous as you celebrate in true Barbie fashion!

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