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Latest Mother’s Day Retail Trends for 2025

Mother’s Day, a cherished occasion dedicated to celebrating the invaluable role of mothers and maternal figures, not only brings forth sentiments of love and gratitude but also sparks a flurry of retail activity. As the date approaches, consumers embark on a quest to find the perfect token of appreciation, igniting a fascinating exploration of Mother’s Day retail trends.


In this brief exploration, we delve into the evolving landscape of consumer preferences, shopping behaviors, and retail strategies that define the essence of Mother’s Day gift trends in 2025. From the dominance of online shopping to the resurgence of brick-and-mortar appeal, join us as we uncover the dynamic interplay between tradition, innovation, and heartfelt sentiment in the realm of Mother’s Day retail.


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The meaning and origin of Mother’s Day


Mother’s Day, a cherished occasion celebrated worldwide, is a heartfelt tribute to the nurturing figures in our lives. Yet, the roots of this celebration delve deep into history, weaving a tale of gratitude and love.


The concept of honoring mothers dates back to ancient times. In ancient Greece, festivities dedicated to Rhea, the mother of the gods, were held in the spring. Similarly, the Romans celebrated a spring festival called Hilaria, dedicated to Cybele, their mother goddess.


The modern incarnation of Mother’s Day, however, emerged in the early 20th century, thanks to the efforts of Anna Jarvis. Following the passing of her own mother in 1905, Jarvis campaigned tirelessly to establish a day to honor the sacrifices mothers make for their children. Her endeavors bore fruit when President Woodrow Wilson declared the second Sunday in May as Mother’s Day in 1914.


Mother’s Day holds deep significance as an opportunity to express gratitude, love, and appreciation for the remarkable women who have shaped our lives. Whether through simple gestures or grand celebrations, the essence remains the same – to honor and cherish the maternal bonds that enrich our existence.


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Mothers Day Traditions and Celebrations Around the World


As Mother’s Day transcends borders, cultures, and languages, it takes on diverse forms of celebration across the globe. From elaborate customs to mother’s day gifts ideas and intimate family gatherings, the essence of honoring mothers remains universal.


In the United States, Mother’s Day is marked by a flurry of activities, including the gifting of flowers, cards, and heartfelt sentiments. Many families also gather for festive meals or outings to honor mothers and mother figures.


Mother’s Day Traditions and Celebrations Around the World
Mother’s Day Traditions and Celebrations Around the World.jpg by @ freepik


In the United Kingdom, Mothering Sunday, as it is traditionally known, falls on the fourth Sunday of Lent. Originally a religious observance, it has evolved into a day to honor mothers with gifts, cards, and special meals.


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In Japan, Mother’s Day, or “Haha no Hi,” is celebrated on the second Sunday in May, much like in the United States. Children often present their mothers with carnations, symbolizing love and gratitude.


festive composition with fresh flowers vase decorative elements wish happy mother's day postcard
festive composition with fresh flowers vase decorative elements wish happy mother’s day postcard.jpg by @ freepik


In Mexico, Mother’s Day, or “Día de las Madres,” is a festive occasion filled with music, food, and heartfelt tributes. Families come together to honor mothers with lavish meals, gifts, and serenades.


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In Ethiopia, Mother’s Day, known as “Antrosht,” is celebrated with a multi-day feast honoring mothers. Families gather to share meals, dance, and express gratitude for the maternal figures in their lives.


mother daughters with heart balloon kitchen


From the streets of Ethiopia to the homes of Japan, Mother’s Day is a testament to the enduring bond between mothers and their children, celebrated with love, gratitude, and reverence around the world.


As we commemorate Mother’s Day, let us not only express our appreciation for the mothers in our lives but also recognize the countless ways in which they enrich our world with their love, strength, and wisdom.


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2024 Mother’s Day Spending Habits


As Mother’s Day approaches, families across the United States are gearing up to celebrate and honor the maternal figures in their lives. With hearts brimming with gratitude and affection, consumers are poised to open their wallets, making this year’s spending habits a topic of interest and intrigue.



Near-record $33.5 billion Mothers Day spending anticipated


Mother’s Day spending is poised to hit a near-record high of $33.5 billion, a close second to last year’s peak of $35.7 billion, as per the National Retail Federation and Prosper Insights & Analytics survey. Eighty-four percent of adults in the U.S. are anticipated to partake in celebrations, with an average expenditure of $254.04 per person. The age group most inclined to splurge is 35 to 44-year-olds, allocating an average of $345.75 for the occasion.


The numbers speak volumes about the significance of Mother’s Day in American culture. Despite the challenges and uncertainties of the times, consumers are eager to show their appreciation for mothers everywhere. With spending projected to soar to $33.5 billion, it’s evident that honoring mothers is not just a tradition but a thriving industry.


From thoughtful mother’s day gifts to elaborate surprises, consumers are willing to invest generously to express their love and appreciation. The fact that 84% of adults in the U.S. plan to participate in celebrations underscores the widespread observance of this cherished occasion. Interestingly, it’s the 35 to 44-year-old demographic that leads the charge in terms of spending, highlighting the importance of this stage of life in honoring maternal figures.


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Flowers, cards and special outings remain popular options.


Traditional mother’s day gifts like flowers, greeting cards, and special outings are still popular choices, with 74% opting for flowers and greeting cards, and 59% planning special outings. Additionally, consumers are expected to spend $7 billion on jewelry, $5.9 billion on outings, and $3.5 billion on electronics. Interestingly, experiential mother’s day gifts are gaining traction, with almost one-third planning to offer such gifts.


While traditional mother’s day gifts like flowers and greeting cards continue to hold sway, there’s a noticeable shift towards experiential gifts. With 74% choosing flowers and personalized greeting cards, and 59% planning special outings, it’s evident that cherished traditions remain deeply ingrained in Mother’s Day celebrations.


However, the allure of experiential mother’s day gifts cannot be ignored, with nearly one-third of consumers opting for memorable experiences over material possessions. Whether it’s a spa day, a gourmet cooking class, or a weekend getaway, these gifts go beyond material possessions, offering moments of joy and connection.  The substantial spending on jewelry, outings, and electronics reflects a desire to pamper and indulge mothers with luxurious treats.


festive composition mother's day celebration



As we delve into the spending habits of 2024, it’s evident that Mother’s Day continues to hold a special place in the hearts of Americans. Beyond the numbers and statistics lies a deeper truth: Mother’s Day is a time to celebrate the immeasurable impact of mothers on our lives. Whether it’s through lavish mother’s day gifts or simple gestures, the outpouring of love and appreciation is a testament to the enduring bond between mothers and their children.


As we honor the women who have shaped us, let’s remember that the true essence of Mother’s Day lies not in the price tag, but in the love, gratitude, and cherished memories shared with the ones we hold dear.


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2025 Mother’s Day Gift Trends


While the classics like flowers and chocolates never go out of style, each year brings with it a fresh wave of gift trends to consider. Whether you’re shopping for your own mother, grandmother, wife, or another special woman, here’s a guide to the trending Mother’s Day gift ideas of 2025:



Mother’s Day Gift Trends No.1: Personalized Gifts:


One of the most heartfelt ways to show your love and appreciation is with a personalized gift. Whether it’s a custom-made piece of jewelry engraved with her initials, a photo book filled with cherished memories, or a monogrammed tote bag, personalized gifts add a thoughtful touch that is sure to be cherished for years to come.


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Mother’s Day Gift Trends No.2: Subscription Boxes:


Subscription boxes have become increasingly popular in recent years, offering everything from gourmet treats to beauty products delivered right to her doorstep. Consider gifting her a subscription to a monthly wine club, a wellness box filled with self-care goodies, or a book club subscription tailored to her reading preferences.



Mother’s Day Gift Trends No.3: Tech Gadgets:


For the tech-savvy mom, consider gifting her the latest gadgets and gizmos to make her life easier and more enjoyable. Whether it’s a smartwatch to help her stay organized, a high-tech kitchen appliance to unleash her inner chef, or a state-of-the-art e-reader for her to enjoy her favorite books on-the-go, there’s no shortage of tech gifts to choose from.



Mother’s Day Gift Trends No.4: Experiential Gifts:


Create lasting memories with an experiential gift that she’ll never forget. Treat her to a weekend getaway at a cozy bed and breakfast, tickets to a Broadway show or concert, or a cooking class where she can learn new culinary skills. The gift of an experience not only shows thoughtfulness but also provides an opportunity for quality time together.



Mother’s Day Gift Trends No.5: Eco-Friendly Gifts:


For the environmentally conscious mom, consider eco-friendly gifts that are both sustainable and stylish. From reusable shopping bags and bamboo kitchenware to organic skincare products and solar-powered gadgets, there are plenty of eco-friendly options to choose from that align with her values.


flowers gift card mother's day



Mother’s Day Gift Trends No.6: DIY Gifts:


Get creative and put your crafting skills to the test with a DIY gift made with love. Whether it’s a handmade piece of artwork, a knitted scarf, or a batch of homemade cookies, DIY gifts add a personal touch that is sure to warm her heart.



Mother’s Day Gift Trends No.7: Virtual Experiences:


If you’re unable to celebrate Mother’s Day in person, consider gifting her a virtual experience that she can enjoy from the comfort of her own home. From virtual cooking classes and wine tastings to online yoga sessions and live-streamed concerts, there are plenty of virtual experiences to choose from that will bring joy to her day.


No matter which gift you choose, remember that it’s the thought and effort behind it that truly matters. Whether it’s a lavish gesture or a simple token of appreciation, the most important thing is to show the special women in your life how much they are loved and valued. Happy Mother’s Day!


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Mother’s Day Retail Trends of 2025



As Mother’s Day draws near, the quest for the ideal gift to honor the remarkable women in our lives commences. In this age of convenience and choice, the retail landscape plays a pivotal role in facilitating this heartfelt celebration.


  1. Data Snapshot:


Online Shopping Dominance:


The digital realm continues its reign as the preferred avenue for Mother’s Day purchases, with a notable 35% of consumers opting for online shopping. The convenience, variety, and ease of comparison make online platforms an attractive choice for those seeking the perfect gift to express their gratitude.


Brick-and-Mortar Appeal:


Despite the allure of virtual shopping carts, traditional retail spaces still hold sway, with 32% of consumers flocking to department stores and 29% patronizing specialty stores. The tactile experience and personalized service offered by brick-and-mortar establishments provide a unique shopping experience that resonates with many.


Embracing Local Businesses:


In a heartening trend, 25% of consumers are choosing to support local businesses in their quest for the ideal Mother’s Day gift. This shift towards community-focused shopping highlights a desire to connect with and uplift small businesses that add vibrancy and character to our neighborhoods.



  1. Understanding the Retail Landscape:


Retailers are keenly attuned to the significance of Mother’s Day and the role they play in helping customers select meaningful gifts to honor the maternal figures in their lives. From curated collections to personalized recommendations, retailers are leveraging their expertise and resources to guide consumers through the gift-giving process with care and thoughtfulness.


Curated Collections:


Retailers are curating special Mother’s Day collections tailored to suit a variety of tastes and preferences. Whether Mom is a fashionista, a wellness enthusiast, a culinary connoisseur, or a tech aficionado, there’s a curated collection designed to delight and inspire.


Personalized Recommendations:


In an era of data-driven insights, retailers are harnessing the power of personalization to offer tailored recommendations based on individual preferences and past purchase history. From personalized jewelry to custom gift sets, these thoughtful touches elevate the gift-giving experience and make Mom feel truly special.


Value-added Services:


Retailers are going above and beyond to enhance the shopping experience with value-added services such as gift wrapping, complimentary shipping, and exclusive promotions. These extra touches not only add convenience for the consumer but also convey a sense of care and attention to detail.


Embracing Diversity and Inclusion:


Retailers are embracing diversity and inclusion by offering a wide range of products that reflect the unique identities and experiences of all mothers. From inclusive sizing to culturally relevant gifts, retailers are striving to ensure that every mom feels seen, valued, and celebrated.




In conclusion, the Mother’s Day retail trends of 2025 underscore the enduring significance of this special occasion and the evolving ways in which consumers choose to express their love and appreciation. Whether shopping online, perusing department stores, or supporting local businesses, the common thread is a heartfelt desire to honor the women who have shaped our lives in immeasurable ways. As retailers continue to innovate and adapt to changing consumer preferences, one thing remains constant: the joy of giving and receiving a meaningful gift that celebrates the extraordinary bond between mother and child.

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